Ambien is an anodyne. It alters chemicals in your brain that may become uneven and bring about sleeping problems. Ambien is used to cure insomnia.

MK-CA114_SLEEPD_DV_20130110210356The tablet is used to help people struggling with sleeplessness. When you take it, it helps you fall asleep immediately. Ambien is made up of two layers the immediate release and the extended release. The first layer of Ambien dissolves very fast and that’s the part that helps you to sleep. The second layer that dissolves at a slow rate keeps you asleep. Your physician will determine which generic forAmbien is good for you.

If you have taken this medication in the past your physician may direct you to take a lower doseof Ambien than you did before. If you are using Ambien please be advised that you are not supposed to share it with someone else even if they show similar symptoms. This is because the Ambien dose vary, the recommended dose for men and women isdifferent and it is not recommended for use by children. Abuse of this drug can lead to serious side effects.

pills-wAfter takingAmbien, it may impair your judgement or thinking and you may still feel sleepy in the morning after waking up particularly if you take the extended release tablet. Or if a woman takes it. If you want to do something that requires full concentration after waking up, make sure you wait atleast 4 hours before undertaking the task. There have been cases of people who after using this medication; have engaged in activities such as sex, driving, walking, making a phone call and later they can’t recall of the activities. If this happens, you are advised to stop taking the medication and seek help from your doctor. Please do not takeAmbien if you have consumed alcohol.

Generic for Ambien can be addictive so take according to doctor’s prescription and keep it out of reach of other can also cause an allergic reaction on some people so stop taking when you notice this allergic reactions:  breathing difficulties, hives, swelling on your face, throat, tongue or lips


prescription-drugsGeneric for Ambien should come with patient instructions to ensure safe and effective use. Ensure that you follow the prescription for Ambien carefully. If you have any questions ensure that you ask your physician or pharmacist. Taking Ambien can be habitual so be advised that its use is only short-term. It should not be taken more than 5 weeks without the advice of your doctor. In case you have used Ambien for a long time don’t stop using it abruptly. It can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptom.

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